I help freelancers build more profitable, fulfilling and flexible careers.
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I train creative freelancers to get a constant flow of clients, every month, that trust & give them creative freedom.

I´ll introduce myself. My name is Tao and I´ve been a freelance designer for 13 years working in cities such as NYC, SF, Madrid, Montreal, Berlin.


I´ve freelanced for agencies such as Edenspiekermann where I designed Red Bull corporate global website; media outlets such as Die Welt, the leading newspaper in Germany where I helped reshape the future of journalism; banks like Wirecard where I developed digital payment solutions; or startups like Discover Shadow where I helped build the first worldwide dream database. 


I am currently a partner at BAUD, the leading independent brand strategy agency in Spain, where our team has won awards such as a Pentawards in packaging or a Transform Awards Europe in Branding and Repositioning.


The products and services I have helped build have been published at The New Yorker, BBC, WIRED, Mashable, Huffington Post, among others.


Sounds nice ... but ... it wasn’t easy to get there.

After one bankruptcy and one burnout, I know from my own experience how easy it is to lose track of the freedom, creative and financial goals that got us freelancing in the first place!


At college, we are taught how to be creative but not how to do business or how the freelance market works. There is a widespread belief that freelancing is unstable or unpredictable. But the problem is that most of us, creative freelancers, rely mostly on luck and hope to get work and neglect the fact that we are a business, a creative business. 

These beliefs and lack of knowledge and tools put most freelancers in a harmful situation where their financial, creative and personal freedom is at risk.

Now, I train creative freelancers to get a constant flow of great clients that trust then and give them full greater freedom. 

Book a case study session with me to discuss how I can help you get a constant flow of great clients that trust you and give you creative freedom!

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