From 🤑 selling our creativity to 🆘 helping others creatively.

We have to change our mindset from sales to service, from "selling our creativity" to "helping others creatively."

When we go to the market and trying to find somebody that pays us to do what we love; when we post about our work and wait for somebody to fall in love with what we do, somebody that will recognize how "special" we are, we are selling ourselves ...

... literally!

we have to stop selling ourselves:

Because when it doesn't work, and we are not "the chosen ones", the only potential explanation is that we suck, that our work sucks, that we are not good enough. And that hurts!

Because when we sell ourselves, we forget about the most important thing: freelancing is about helping those we care about with the problems they care about. It is an act of generosity, an act of empathy and courage.

freelancing is a service to others.

Every time we try to "get work", we have the wrong mindset, we are acting out of scarcity. The market rewards only those that create value.

Instead of trying to "get work", we offer help, a service.
Instead of trying to "make money", we create value.

Who do you help?
What problem do they want to solve?
How are you going to transform your clients' lives or businesses?
What value do you create?
In which ways do you improve their business?
What parameter will change the most in your clients' life or business before and after working with you?
What change do you promise?

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Stay Free!
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