Clients, a love relationship.

a client is:

A person or a business that wants your help. Many might need your help, but only those that really want it can become your clients.

we look for clients, every month.

We look for new challenges, new projects ... income. Some of us seek approval. Others want to change the world.

Whatever your goal is as a freelancer, clients are the key. Our clients allow us to develop our skills, make money, do work that really matters, gain approval, and change the world.

Without clients, we donยดt exist. Without clients, there is no change. Without clients, there is no work, and our career has no purpose. This is the importance of our clients; those we disdain in many cases.

clients are also searching.

They are seeking our help every month.

They want to take care of their needs, they want to thrive, find a solution to their problems. They need external help to take care of those things they are not experts at: they are looking for us.

But where are we?

We are working on our new website, updating our portfolio, posting on social medial, designing pour personal brand, or learning the latest skill.

Our clients look for us because they need us, but the reality is that most of the time, we are not there for them.

Our clients are the secret to a successful career, they give purpose to our professional life. Solving their problems is the heart of what we do. Though, we barely think about our clients, their world, their issues, their business model, their beliefs โ€ฆ Instead, we are obsessed with what we do, ourselves, our portfolio, our website โ€ฆ

we are not available to them.

How are they going to find us if we are busy thinking about ourselves? How are we going to find them if we are too afraid to show up, to reach out, and show that we care?

the relationship.

Without clients, we are done! Our clients without us are stuck with their problems. We need each other to thrive.

Together, we can do more than what we could ever achieve on our own. Our clients have something we donยดt have (problems, money, projects, challenges ....) the same way we have something they donยดt have (solutions, expertise, ideas ... ). Right?

we are magicians.

I like to think that we, creative freelancers, are magicians. We make the invisible visible, we make ideas real, we make futures tangible.

We have the empathy to listen to somebody elseยดs issues and courage to transform their reality.

We have the wisdom and the patience to show a different reality to our clients. One they never thought of.

We are extremely valuable to our clients because we help them thrive. They listen to us, admire our magic, and are grateful for having a relationship with us.

This relationship exists because they have a problem that matters to them. This relationship exists because their problem matters to us. 

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Stay Free!
Tao. ยฉ
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