Freelancers, the world needs us!

The world has problems now more than ever before. The world needs creative people to solve new problems we have not been faced with before.

The world needs us!

What are we going to do? Are we going to be selfish and think about our own needs, our portfolio? Or are we going to go out there and take responsibility and, with courage and empathy, help the world navigate this crisis?

Today I am sharing with you a video post. Here we go! 

Do you have a SELFISH or RESPONSIBLE strategy?
There are two strategies:

selfish strategy:

The most common and the one that works the worst. Everything revolves around us, our work, and our portfolio. We wait for someone to fall in love with us, just because our work is excellent. When we do this, we focus on GETTING: a new gig, more money ...

responsible strategy:

The least common and the one that works best. Everything revolves around those we serve, their problems, desires, and concerns.

We design and offer a unique and valuable service for them.

When we do this, we focus on SHARING: our knowledge, our value, our solutions ...

It is not the time to work on our portfolio.

It is time to have empathy, go out, and find problems that need to be solved.

Freelancers, the world needs us.

Let’s find the real meaning of our work: helping those we care about with the things they care about.

And only then will we have the career we want.

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Stay Free!
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