What does - we don’t have budget - really mean?

Every time a client tells you, "we don’t have a budget," he/she is saying, "we don’t see enough value in what you offer".

Look at it this way: if your work generates $1.000.000 to your client, he will find the money wherever that is to pay for your services. Though if your service is $5.000 and it will generate $2.000, your client won’t have a budget. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have a budget either! I wouldn’t either!

we have a budget for things that are worth the budget! we always a have budget if we get back more than what we invest, whether it’s 🤑 financially or 🧡 emotionally!

Every time a client tells you, "we don’t have a budget," you have to accept that you are not offering something of value. We are powerless over this. We don´t fight it, but we don´t accept a lower price, either.

We have to stop complaining about how little our clients understand the value of our work, about how little they are willing to pay. Instead, we try to understand exactly how our clients benefit from our service. We accept that the only way to have larger budgets is creating greater benefits. We become obsessed with finding ways to solve bigger problems, ways to transform our clients’ worlds even further.

we have to develop a strong sense of self-worth, courage, and trust to promise a change that really matters.

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