Why working on your online presence won´t work out as you expect. 

We invest a tremendous amount of energy in our online presence:

— Our portfolio.
— Our website.
— Our domain name.
— Our personal brand.
— Our Instagram.
— Our LinkedIn.
— Our profile picture.
— Our name.
— Our business cards.
— Our logo.
— Our awards.
— Our published work.
— Our SEO.
— Our
— Our ..
— Our ...
— Our ...

Working on our online presence is ok, but if we are truly honest with ourselves, how many clients we’ve found by doing all these things? Exactly how many?

How many clients hired us because they loved our logo?
How many clients hired us because our Instagram is amazing?
How many clients have used our website form to hire us?

... One every 3 months ... maybe?
Probably the real answer is close to 0.

then why are we investing enormous amounts of energy in all these things? career-wise it seems to be extremely unproductive.

These things are essential, but there is one big problem with all of them. They all talk about us. And our clients don’t care about us, they care about their problems.

We, freelancers, should know really well what our priorities are and why. Priority number one is getting a constant flow of clients that guarantees that we can exist as freelancers. No clients, no creativity, no money, back working fulltime, or being anxious 24/7. As simple as this.

To be a freelancer is to stay free.
To be a freelancer is to have clients.
To be a freelancer is to do work that matters.

We cannot allow ourselves to invest in that fancy website that "will transform and boost our careers and show to the world how valuable we are" because that just won’t happen.

It is tempting, though.

It is tempting to spend days, weeks, and sometimes months redesigning our portfolio, carefully selecting the projects that will finally change our fate as creatives, deciding what domain name we should go for, and if it should it be .com, .design, .net, .org … and all that stuff.

It is tempting because by doing all that stuff, we postpone answering the only, most crucial, and terrifying answer we need to ask ourselves to have a successful career: what solution do you have to help others with the problems THEY care about?

what are the right priorities?

What I want to share with you aims at helping our freelance community re-prioritize our real needs, and take care of what is essential first: getting clients, getting the right clients.

To do this, there are no shortcuts, no magic tricks, just empathy to listen to what our ideal clients need, the courage to promise a solution, and massive action to make it happen.

— strategy

This is the first step: defining WHO are you going to help, to be able to understand what problem THEY care about and provide a solution.

This is the foundation of a successful freelance career.

This is the NUMBER ONE priority. Are you guessing why the clients you want to work for don’t answer you? No matter how many emails you send, no matter how good looking your website is, no matter how much you post, no matter how many networking events you go to … if you don’t solve the problems your ideal clients really care about, you’re done!

Nobody is going to hire us to do something they don’t believe they need.

Your skills, the fact that you are a "designer," "illustrator," "developer," "photographer," "copywriter," "art director,"… is not so important, but instead, what matters is what problem do you solve to whom and how.

— action plan

This is the next step we have to focus on. We need to take action and engage in meaningful conversations with those you have chosen to help and ask about their challenges and goals every day.

Defining a specific action plan that guarantees that:

We talk with potential clients every day.
We have meetings with potential clients every week.
We get clients every month.

No meetings, no clients! Sounds obvious, right? To have a sustainable freelance career, you should aim at having 3 to 5 meetings every week.

— online presence

ONLY when the previous two points are correctly defined, then you can invest time and resources creating an online presence that resonates with your ideal clients.

An online presence that talks about THEM. About THEIR pains, THEIR hopes, THEIR needs.

Not an online presence that talks about us, what we love, the value we think we have, and how amazing we are.

Without a solid strategy and a specific action plan, our online presence will be invisible and useless. Have you ever wondered why most of us look the same online? Because most of us don’t know who we help and what with. Instead, we have created a collective self-centered discourse where each of us screams louder and louder: "look at me, I’m amazing! Please choose me!".

We all want to do work that matters. We all want clients that care about us.

But how much do we really care about our clients? How much time do we spend studying their problems? How much time do we spend developing a specific solution to help them out?

Instead, we spend our best energy working on our online presence, try to sell what we want to do, taking care of our own problems.

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Stay Free!

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